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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Basic Tool, and what size tools do you build?
Basic Tool is a privately owned plastic injection mold manufacturer employing approximately 30 people. Housed in a 37,000 square foot facility in Windsor, Canada (across the river from Detroit Michigan), Basic Tool is a growing and financially solid company, that builds tools weighing 200 to 3000 tons. The bulk of our work is around the 500 to 2000 ton mark.

Who are your customers, and what markets does Basic Tool serve?
Basic Tool Inc. produces molds for both the automotive and non-automotive markets. Our customers include 7 of the North American automotive manufacturers as well as appliance manufacturers, toy manufacturers, service industries, packaging and container and consumer product companies. We currently service a customer base that includes Canada, Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.

What can I expect when I place a tool with Basic Tool?
You can expect to take delivery, at your plant, of a fully production ready tool, built to your standards. The tool build process is monitored from receipt of data to delivery of tool. A typical tool build cycle would start with receipt of data and PO. An on-line web meeting and/or preliminary tool prints would be sent for approval in 7-10 days, and finals 1 week from receipt of marked up tool prints. Upon completion of tool manufacture, a tryout is scheduled at your convenience at a local, dedicated tryout shop (10 modern presses from 110 - 3500 tons). Fully detailed computer printouts of molding parameters are provided with the sample parts to ease setup in your plant. After approval of tool operation and parts from tryout, the tool will be transported to your facility by one of our trucks.

What type of shop is Basic Tool technologically?
Basic Tool is a shop that prides itself on it's technological standards. All equipment is driven by state of the art computers. Even older machines have been retrofitted to have modern controls and are regularly calibrated and updated as necessary. 5-axis machines and high speed spindles facilitate our commitment to maintaining modern manufacturing facilities. From our use of the latest workstations to customer support through hosting on-line Meetings, Webinars and design reviews, Basic Tool, Inc. is committed to supporting our customers needs.

How can I track progress with my tools?
Tool progress is monitored constantly and project reports are provided to your requirements. As requested, we can send photographs by courier, email or post them to a secure web site for multi person access on demand.

Do you do mold design in house or sub contract it out?
Our engineering department does all tool design. Mold designs are done using Visi Mold V17. Molds are designed in 3d solid. Other design software includes Cadkey v19, Key Creator V7.5 and ExpertCad3d (Cimlinc) V7.7 and can be provided in hard copy, electronic file or both. Tool review can be done via online meeting. File Translation capability include Catia V5, Unigraphics, Pro-E, Solid Works, IGES, Step, Parasolid x_t and Solid Edge. Cutter paths are generated using Powermill V10 and Prospector V6. All finishing is done using High Speed and 3+2 techniques.

How much of your work is manufactured CNC vs. manual?
Virtually all our machining work is done on CNC equipment. All EDM electrodes are generated on CNC equipment and burned on CNC EDM machines.

Will you provide customer references?
Definitely. Peruse our web site to see some of the comments from our customer base or call and we will be pleased to provide additional customers for you to call for references.

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