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Basic Tool, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years in Business

2010-08-11 16:17:19

Labor Day weekend in 1985. Dario Cargnelli opened the doors to what would become a thriving manufacturing business. In a few thousand square foot unit just off EC Rowe Expressway with a few pieces of used equipment, Dario was determined to lead a successful company. Investing blood, sweat and time as well as reinvesting all profits back into the company, he rapidly outgrew the small unit. In 1988 he moved into a brand new facility at 2045 Halford Drive – the current home for Basic Tool, Inc. - in what is now Tecumseh.

Through several strategic expansions, and surrounding land and building acquisitions, Basic Tool has grown in size and stature. Though hardly a household name, they are well known to their core group of customers. Dario’s philosophy can be summarized by the old Japanese proverb: “Deru kui wa utareru.” “The stake that sticks out gets hammered down.” Described recently by a new customer as one of the best kept secrets in Windsor, Basic Tool has continued to thrive based on there commitment to their customers. By quietly growing, and keeping on top of new technology, they are well suited to take on the next quarter century.

As for celebration plans for that milestone event, Dario concedes he may go home a little early, depending on the workload in the shop.